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Reasons to choose Lighthouse Financial as your Wealth Manager


A financial planner like Kenneth Brackett has been instrumental in making Lighthouse Financial a name to reckon with in the field of wealth management services. Wealth management deals with financial services like asset management, investment and portfolio management, and private banking services for its clients. Wealth management companies like Lighthouse Financial are sought by clients who need assistance in managing their finances.


A financial planner is a professional who helps people to handle different financial issues vis-à-vis a proper plan which may cover retirement planning, risk management, tax and insurance planning, estate planning and the like. The process of financial planning essentially implies setting goals, evaluating resources and assets and estimating future needs.


Financial planning is necessary for everyone to maximize their own resources. When you carefully plan your finances, you can set your priorities and work to achieve these systematically. This plan also seeks to protect your resources against unexpected and unforeseen situations. Such financial planning varies in meaning from one person to another, while for some it may have to do with retirement planning. For others, it may amount to saving for a good college education. Whatever the reason, the demand for financial planners like Ken Brackett has been growing. A financial planner like Kenneth Brackett and Lighthouse Financial can help advise and guide clients on various financial issues. They are highly qualified and certified to cater to all wealth management clients.


Choosing a wealth management firm like Lighthouse Financial is not an easy task. There are many factors that need to be evaluated since the job is sensitive and crucial. You can get useful referrals and feedback from other investors, professional financial organizations and even government agencies. A financial planning firm like Lighthouse Financial, owned by Kenneth Brackett enjoys very high ratings which is proof of its integrity. Their employees are committed to helping their clients to take well informed and carefully-considered decisions. There are several rounds of consultations prior to any decision making and these are conducted free of cost and in a relaxed atmosphere. There is ample time for both clients and their advisors to weigh the options so that all decisions are taken in the best interests of the client. Lighthouse Financial provides a couple of hours for each consultation session and this is offered for free.


Since 2006, Ken Brackett and Lighthouse Financial have been making their presence felt in the field of wealth management. Their mission has been to thoroughly educate their clients, and to equip them by protecting their finances from hasty and incorrect decision making. They act as financial advisors to their clients while focusing on their retirement provisions and cash flow demands.


All those employed by Ken Brackett are licensed and duly certified, having finished a twenty-two part program in studying the emotional, physical and financial issues of aging.



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